Fully fluorinated grease provides extraordinary performance under extreme conditions.

Key Properties

NLGI Grade 2 - Linear PFPE based grease with a base oil viscosity of 160 cSt at 40 C, PTFE thickened, uses PTFE as solid lubricants.


• Molykote® HP-300 Grease can be used broadly under harsh conditions such as low or high temperatures, corrosive, solvent, liquefied natural gasses, high vacuum, etc.
• Clean room equipment and semiconductor manufacturing equipment where the volatization of the lubricating material is undesirable.

Features & Benefits

• Compatible with most plastics.
• Excellent stability at high temperatures.
• Superior resistance to chemicals and solvents.
• Minimal deterioration due to oxidation, appropriate for long-term lubrication.
• Low vapor pressure (base oil).

Product Details

Product Type: Grease
Chemistry: Perfluoropolyether (PFPE)
Performance Benefit: Good Chemical Resistance, Good Oxidation Resistance, Good Plastics & Rubber Compatibility, High Temperature Performance, Low Temperature Performance, Wide Temperature Range
Base Oil Viscosity: 160 @ 40°C
NLGI Grade: 2
Thickener: PTFE
Solid Lubricant: PTFE
High Temp: 250°C
Low Temp: -65°C
Color: White

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